8 Feb 2018

Don't leak
your profit!

The fourth utility, compressed air is 8 times more expensive than electricity and yet it accounts for 10% of total energy cost in industry, creating 8.1 million tons of carbon emissions in UK alone! We believe that ensuring wastage is kept to an absolute minimum should be a key concern for all operators.

Leaks represent between 20-50% of compressors’ output and contributes to in-direct costs and operating losses, such as:
  • decreasing efficiency of tools by pressure drops;
  • causing more frequent maintenance requirements by increased running time;
  • shortening the lifecycle of system equipment by forcing it to cycle more frequently.


Don't leak your profit!

In the energy efficiency era we can see many potential areas of improvement, so where should you start your crusade against wastage?  It might be worth blitzing air leaks which are the largest single waste of energy and yet one of the simplest and cheapest to control and obtain savings.


"A single leak as small as 1.6 mm can easily pay for the ultrasonic leak detection which will help you identify all your system leaks and will be a great basis for a repair program, saving you thousands of pounds!"

Ultra acurate

Air leaks are almost impossible to see and hear in a noisy manufacturing environment. The ultrasonic leak detection gun helps identify what a person’s senses cannot. This sensitive tool identifies high frequency sound waves produced by leaks from compressed air system. Tests can be performed while equipment is still operating, as Ultrasonic detectors can filter out background noises in the audible range giving very accurate readings. High pressure is not necessary, as ultrasonic leak detection guns can detect pin-hole leaks as low as 1psi. This technique also applies to leaks on any other piped gasses, such as nitrogen, CO2, etc.


Plan, execute & save

After an ultrasonic leak detection is completed you will receive a comprehensive report.  Data collected in the report will give you detailed information to help determine your leak repair program. You will be able to categorise leaks by area or size and the nature of the leak. Engineers will use on-site tags, allowing you to locate the leaks easily.

An Ultrasonic leak detection combined with a good repair program can lead to significant energy savings and a rapid return on investment! A well-maintained system should have a leakage level of less than 10%. You can achieve this level by carrying out annual air leak tests and servicing your compressed air equipment regularly.


Hole Diameter

Leakage rate in litres /sec (at 7bar)

Power required to compress air being wasted

Annual cost of leak







0.4 (pin head)



£ 24.94

£ 62.40

£ 85.80

1.6 (match head)



£ 249.40

£ 624

£ 858

3.0 (nail head)



£ 872.90

£ 2,184

£ 3,003


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