Aluminium Pipework (AP)

Teseo Aluminium Pipework is the latest generation of modular pipework systems, designed to deliver an energy efficient air solution. Revolutionary ‘Dual O-ring’ sealing system practically eliminates air leaks while aluminium ensures contaminant free air resulting in maintenance cost reduction and is now covered by a 20-year warranty – the longest product assurance available in the manufacturing pipework business sector.

  • Flexibility

    • Modular system - quick installation and modification.
    • No welding and painting!
    • Simple dismantling and re-use of all parts thanks to the patented clamping system.
  • Air Quality

    • Resistant to corrosion and provides contaminant-free air.
    • Reduces costs for leakages, downtime and labour for modifications.
  • Cost Reduction

    • Maintenance cost and time reduced to a minimum.
    • Improved energy savings - increased flow and lower pressure drop thanks to same nominal diameter.
    • A ‘Dual O-ring’ sealing system eliminates air leaks (& saving energy).
    • Smooth inner surface reduces pressure drop and improving energy efficiency.
    • AP profiled pipe is 70% lighter than steel – supporting will cost less and mounting time will be shorter.