Hybrid/ Dual Dryers

The Hybrid dryer combines a traditional refrigerated dryer and heatless desiccant dryer providing efficient drying performance with significantly lower energy levels when compared to traditional adsorption dryers. Patented product features and operation mean the Gardner Denver GDDT dryer series can provide a constant dew point (-40°C as standard) using extremely low amounts of purge air. By simply setting the required dew point on the control panel the dryer can operate from +3°C pdp (ISO Class 4) to -70°C pdp (ISO Class 1), in an efficient and economical manner.


Air quality ISO

Class 2 (optional class 1)

Drew point

+ 3°C to -70°C

Flow rate

2.5 -32.9 m3/min


  • +3°C to -70°C pressure dew point

  • A solution that merges the fridge and the adsorption drying technique into a single and flexible drying unit.

  • Flexibility, Air Quality, Cost Efficiency, Easy maintenance – All-in-one

  • Low Running Cost in comparison with Adsorption Heatless and Heated dryers;