Adsorption / Desiccant Dryers

Desiccant dryers provide uncompromising performance and totally dry air - eliminating microbiological growth and corrosion. We can offer solutions from -20 to -70 degrees’ pressure dew point. This range will deliver the best quality air in the most demanding application whilst also offering less pressure drop and energy savings across the drying system.


Air quality ISO

Class 2 (optional class 1)

Drew point

-20°C to -70°C

Flow rate

0.1 – 145 m3/min


  • 40°C standard Pressure Dew Point (configurable -20°C to -70°C PDP);

  • Adsorption dryers are designed for the removal of water vapour and not liquid water, water aerosols, oil, particulates or micro-organism therefor preventing product spoilage and damage;

  • Uncompromising performance and reliability with the lowest cost of operation;