Vane Compressors

The Rotary vane compressor will supply high quality pulse free air reliably and efficiently and can last up to three times longer than alternative technologies. Its meant to last and delivers decades of flawless operation for all sectors of industry with specialist solutions within transit and gas.

Power Range
1.1 – 75 kW

6 – 10 bar

Volume Flow
0.1 – 7.5 m3/min

Available in Fixed and regulated speed


  • High quality air

    Clean, dry and pulse free straight from the outlet means less downstream equipment required.

  • Slow speed

    1450 - 2800 rpm (model dependent) speed operation results in low noise, low stresses and long life.

  • Direct drive

    No gears, no belts. Up to 100,000+ operating hours due to its simple integral design.

  • Regulated Speed (RS)

    Proven, simple and long-lasting technology solutions delivering up to 50% energy savings.

  • Air Intake Modulation

    No wasteful overproduction of air.

  • Reduced Energy Venting System (REVS)

    Reducing off-load power to as low as 20%.

  • Quiet as standard

    Hydrovane can be located at the point of use (noise levels as low as 62 dB(A)).

  • Market leading warranty

    Up to 10 years or 48,000 operating hours.