Screew - Oil Lubricated

Garden Denver ESM / VS series and Comp Air L-series are specifically designed to meet the demands for continuous 24-hour use and absolute uptime. The variable speed technology creates savings day and night by meeting your system exact demand at the lowest possible power!

Our range of oil lubricated screw compressors

Power Range
2.2 - 500kW

Volume Flow
1.3 - 73.5m3/min

5 - 13bar

Available in Fixed & Variable Speed


  • Revolutionary air ends

    Gardner Denver is the industry leader in screw compressor technology. Their design provides maximum performance, high efficiency makes operation reliable, maintenance easy and ensuring minimal downtime!

  • Energy Saving Electric Motor

    High efficiency electric motor ensures energy savings and reduces CO2 emissions.

  • Innovate control system

    GD PILOT guarantees reliable operation and protects your investment by continuously monitoring the operational parameters.

  • Easy Maintenance

    The design assures the service points are readily accessible, making service fast, minimising downtime.

  • Low noise operation

    Sophisticated package layout and large and slow turning air end reduce the compressor noise level