Compressed air carries many unwelcome impurities in the form of water, dirt and oil. These impurities will rapidly wear pneumatic machinery, block the compressed air lines and even damage finished goods. It is therefore the upmost importance that these impurities be removed from the compressed air. This will ensure reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs and a quality finished product.

Smart combination of filtering, drying, condensation and purification products can improve air quality and boost your compressed air system efficiency.

  • Water separators and filters:

    condensate separators, coalescing and dust removal filters and oil vapour removal filters are design to:

    • improve air quality by reducing or removing contaminants from compressed air;

    • meet the strictest air quality requirements (ISO 8573-1, ISO 12500-1);

    • maximise energy savings

  • Electronic Level-Controlled Condensate Drain:

    Can be used for applications in aggressive atmospheres and for the discharge of condensates from compression.

    • Self-monitoring thanks to integrated alarm system

    • Durability, Non-wearing, capacitive measuring system without moving parts;

    • Clear and distinct display of operating parameters by LED indicators

    • Durable construction and simple installation

  • Compressed Air Receivers:

    Our air receivers come in a range of volumes, working pressure ranges, primed and galvanised finishes and are available in horizontal or vertical configorations.