Air Audits

Compressed Air is the most expensive form of energy typically accounting for 10% of an industrial company’s electricity bill. About 30% of the energy can be saved by introducing simple, cost-effective measures, such as with our Air Audit. See where we are finding the most savings:

Air Supply Side 10 – 20% savings

® Equipment ®Technology ®Controls ®Monitoring ®Equipment Maintenance ®Installation issues

Air Demand Side 20 – 30% savings

®Leaks ®Artificial demand ®system dynamics ®System design ®Monitoring

Our expertise and innovative energy consumption monitoring enables us to produce comprehensive reports that identify a full picture of a customer’s current position and clearly identify savings, backed by the full data.

Heat Recovery

Team Air Power are experts at smart Investments. Heat Recovery being one of them. It enables you to reduce your heating bill and cut back your company carbon emissions by utilising the heat energy generated from your compressor. You can recover up to 90% of the heat generated by your compressor!

You can gain energy required to heat your hot water system.

If your process application requires hot water supply heat recovery will make that process cost efficient.

You can also use it to increase the temperature of your premises and save on the energy costs.

Control System

Control Air Systems provide guaranteed savings from compressed air or vacuum installation with approximately 12 months’ payback period! Typically offering 35% savings, but you can easily estimate your compressed air system potential online – follow the link, to get the preliminary report and estimate: The system can control multiple fixed or variable speed compressors or vacuum equipment monitoring their flow, pressure, temperature, dew point, vibration, etc.

Control System will help you to:

Reduce energy
cost average 35%

Reduce carbon
foot print

Reduce CO2


Your Air Demand can vary widely on seasonal, weekly or even daily basis. Pressure requirements can also change from machine to machine or from one application to another. Variable speed compressors can efficiently and reliably handle the varying air demand by only using the amount of power required and no more thereby saving you up to 35% energy costs and maximising plant productivity.

Variable Speed technology:





As an official Energia partner we are offering our customers assistance with the grant applications within Energy Efficiency Funding Scheme. The grants are available in Southern and Northern Ireland, but some differences apply. The funds for 2017/2018 are in operation as follows*:


    Variable Speed Compressors

    Grant towards cost of replacing a single speed compressor with a new variable speed model including air leak detection/repair survey

    Up to


    Energy screw air blowers

    Grant towards cost of replacing a lobe blower with a new energy screw air blower model.

    Up to

*To obtain the most recent information about grants availability, please request a call, or drop us an email.

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